Speaking… of Getting Booked

Trevor Perry on Being a Paid Motivational Speaker

May 22, 2019

Ep #05 - Today, on "Speaking... of Getting Booked," I am joined by Australian motivational speaker, author, storyteller, and IT professional, Trevor Perry. Trevor is changing the lives of his clients one person at a time as he guides them to uncover their passion, purpose, or calling. He then helps to build roadmaps to teach how to live an extraordinary life, realize one's dreams, and achieve unfulfilled goals.

Trevor entertains and motivates audiences with his book and live sessions of the same name, "Never Iron When You Are Naked: Advice Your Mother Should Have Given You... But Never Did." Along with this session, he also runs a live event called "Five Steps to Live an Extraordinary Life."

In this interview, Trevor shares about his background and his career as a paid motivational speaker. There's a lot to learn from his experience so enjoy the conversation.

Connect with Trevor Perry and Learn More:

Visit Trevor's website: http://trevorperryspeaker.com/

Get Trevor's book "Never Iron When You Are Naked:" http://neverironwhenyouarenaked.com/

Connect with Trevor on Social Media:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/urxo

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