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Seminar Promoter Sahar Nafal on Mistakes to Avoid When Meeting Promoters

July 2, 2019

Ep #11 - My guest today, Sahar Nafal, is a promoter, international speaker, and community builder. As a promoter, she has put on over 300 live seminars and events. Sahar is the founder of the "Bright Side of Life Community" where she assists women to build stronger, deeper, and more compassionate communities. The "Bright Side of Life" began with a group of just 6 women in her living room and has not expanded to over 7500 members. Sahar also consults for platforms like the eWomen Network, Engaging Speakers, and other clients all over the world where she brings on speakers to get booked.

With her breadth of experience on promoting, we cover a lot of ground in this interview. If you've wondered about the most common mistakes that speakers make when meeting promoters, we will list those off in detail. Also, we discuss what you should have prepared for when you meet with the promoter for the first time. You will get all the tricks of the trade from Sahar so you can make the very best impression when you are ready to get booked. It's a fantastic interview so listen in and enjoy.

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